Landscaping can be an art. Taking a page from the Far East’s book, we can shape the current landscape to fill the area with an added beauty that does not detract from the natural beauty. If you have a hill or a slope that needs holding back, then a retaining wall is what you need.

The concept of a retaining wall has existed for many years spanning many cultures most notably in Asian rice terraces. Some scholars have suggested that it is due to highly technical retaining wall systems that the mysterious Hanging Gardens of Babylon became possible.

Yes, we know you do not have acres upon acres to fill with fanciful hanging shrubbery or fantastic burrows to grow crops. This does not stop your lawn from reaching its full potential beauty.

Over the next several blogs, we are going to delve briefly into the various types of retaining walls to help shape your paradise on earth. We will cover gravity, cantilever, and piling walls and show the different variations connected to each type of retaining walls.

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Retaining Walls Pt. 1