A Project is a one-time investment in your landscape intended to fix a landscape issue( ie drainage) or enhance the overall beauty/functionality of your landscape. You may choose to do a landscape project choosing from a variety of materials to address Function, Landscape Enhancement, and Budget.

  • Patios: Walkways, and Driveways – cost may vary based on complexity of installation, and type of materials used: pea gravel, pavers, and flagstone
  • Retaining Walls: cost may vary based on complexity of installation, and materials used :landscape timbers, stacked stone, and cultured stone
  • Drainage: to stop landscape erosion,and to direct water away from house and landscape
  • Landscape Clean up: remove vines, scrub trees,weeds, old shrubs, English ivy, poison ivy, fallen trees, wood trash, and debris – to improve order and appearance of landscape
  • Landscape Design and Renovation: removing old trees and shrubs and replacing with new – including design
  • Creating garden beds: till, amend soil with compost, create edge, mulch
  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Sod Installation

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